SNAP beats the heat with TXU

On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, TXU Energy's Lacy Sperry teamed up with Sweetwater Mayor Greg Wortham, along with officials from SNAP (Senior Nutrition Activities Program) to provide heat safety guidance and energy conservation tips to about 180 homebound senior citizens with their daily Meals on Wheels lunch deliveries. Each resident who received a visit also received a compact florescent light bulb, night light, koozie and beat the heat tip card inside of an insulated lunch bag. For 14 years, TXU Energy has partnered with several social service organizations and local Meals On Wheels affiliates through its Beat the Heat program, which is one of the largest energy conservation and heat safety awareness programs in the state. This is the first year that the Beat the Heat program has made its way to Sweetwater. The signature Beat the Heat program is designed to promote heat safety awareness and energy conservation throughout the community during the hot summer months. Along with the energy saving resources given out to each Meals on Wheels recipient, TXU Energy also donated $500 to the Sweetwater Meals on Wheels program.The Senior Nutrition Activities Program (SNAP) provides a hot, nutritious meal each weekday at noon. About 45 meals are served in the center and about 180 meals are delivered to homebound participants each day. In addition to providing meals, the center is open on weekdays for recreational activities and periodic health screenings. SNAP has an ongoing program to contact isolated and withdrawn seniors, inform them of services available and invite them to participate in the activities ad nutrition program. Heat Safety Tips:• Do not turn off your air conditioner. Set the thermostat at 78 degrees or higher. Each degree below 78 degrees means more energy use and higher cooling costs.• Use ceiling fans to create a breeze over your body and to spread the cold air more evenly throughout the room, which will make you feel cooler. The fan direction should be down for summers and up for winters.• Drink one glass of cool water for every 20 minutes of heat exposure.• Avoid eating hot foods and heavy meals.• Wear loose, light-colored absorbent cotton clothing and a wide-brimmed hat while outside.• Take cool showers and baths.• Limit exercise or strenuous physical activities to early morning or late evening.Energy Conservation Tips:• Compact florescent bulbs (CFLs) are up to four times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer.• Lower the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This not only saves energy, but it reduces the heat of scalding.• Keep blinds or draperies closed on sunny days to help keep heat out. This is especially important on any windows or glass doors receiving direct sunlight.• Shut the door or at least try to minimize the number of times that doors to the outside are opened and closed. Each time you open the door warm air enters the house.• Sealing air leaks with caulking and weatherstripping and installing adequate insulation in the attic are some of the most cost effective savings measures you can do in your home.TXU Energy provides financial support for families who experience unexpected financial hardship via the TXU Energy Aidsm program. To date, it has given more than $72 million to help more than 415,000 values customers pay their electricity bills. The company contributes $5 for every $1 customers donate to the program and selected social service agencies administer 100 percent of the funds to families in need across Texas. TXU Energy will contribute $5 million annually through 2012 to it. For more information visit