Softball, baseball teams at home today

Ron Howell
Sports Editor

The Sweetwater High School baseball team has six home games scheduled this week starting with today’s 6 p.m. game with Midland Greenwood. The softball team’s home game today against Fort Stockton at 4 p.m. is its only scheduled game of the week.
After today, the baseball team plays five games at its annual Wes Bishop Classic, co-hosted by Wylie for the first time this year. The Mustangs have two games scheduled on Thursday and Friday and one Saturday at Sportsman’s Field.
Sweetwater and Wylie are playing at their home fields while Millsap, Early, San Angelo Lake View, Benbrook, Ranger Junior College and Wichita Falls will play at both locations.
The Sweetwater High School softball team was at Midland’s West Texas Classic this past weekend and went 1-2-1 on Friday and Saturday at the Ezell Complex.
Sweetwater (8-4-1) got its only win against Kermit, as it was victorious 18-2 in its opening game on Friday. Sweetwater then lost to Amarillo High 17-11, tied El Paso Pebble Hills 14-14 and lost its finale to Midland Greenwod 6-3.
In its opener with Kermit, Sweetwater had 23 hits — three by Tavis Black, Jazzy Villa and Sonora Medellin and two by Bri Moriel, Blake Bewley, Emerald Torres and Kara Lehnert. Black, Villa and Hannah Mobley hit homers and Bewley tripled. Villa scored four runs. Black and Lehnert had three RBI.
Lehnert and Marissa Villanueva both pitched.
Against Amarillo High, Moriel (homer, four hits) led the offense while Villanueva, Elli Lehnert and Kara Lehnert all pitched.
Against Pebble Hills, top hitters were Moriel (four hits), Bewley (three hits), Black (home run, triple), Torres (two hits) and Villa (two hits). Elli Lehnert and Kara Lehnert both pitched.
In Saturday’s final game against Greenwood, Kara Lehnert had three hits and also pitched a complete seven-inning game. Three others had two hits.