Some voting precincts to be consolidated, removed

A change in voting precincts was made during the special called meeting of the Nolan County Commissioners on Friday morning, March 16, 2012 at the Nolan County Courthouse.Approval was given to consolidate voting precincts 10-14 in the county with the other current precincts, with the eventual plan of removing the said boundaries. Following the 2003 redistricting, lines were drawn which split Nolan County into different districts. However, this year's lines — which were recently approved by the state following a lengthy approval process — presumably bring the county back into one district. The new format is set to be used in both the state's presidential primary on May 29 and the Nov. 6 presidential elections.The consolidation for the primary election, leading to the removal of the precincts for the presidential vote, proves to be a sensible move for the county. One precinct was reported as having just two registered voters, and money can be saved in both election dates.Voter registration will be minimally affected and may delay the arrival of voter registration cards, but the state recently announced that "the expiration of your old voter registration certificate on 12/31/2011 does not invalidate your voter registration." Both the Republican and Democratic party chairmen were said to be in agreement with the consolidation and removal of the precincts, which is expected to make the voting process easier for everyone.