STAAR test scores announced for SISD

Sweetwater ISD (Independent School District) recently received their scores from the STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) test, in which the district fared well in their tests for third through eighth grade students. Out of the seventeen tests administered, Sweetwater ISD beat the state average in thirteen of those tests. Two tests--4th grade writing and 7th grade reading--both came in 3% over the state's passing rate--at 74% and 79%, respectively. However, the other eleven tests saw averages anywhere from six to eighteen percent higher than the state passing rate. The tests with the highest success rate were 4th grade math at 86% and 5th grade math at 95%. The state-mandated tests cover the subjects of reading, math, writing, science and social studies. "I will say that we are pretty pleased overall; we exceeded the State Average in 13 of 17 categories," said Sweetwater ISD Superintendent Mr. Terry Pittman. "Congratulations to the campuses for embracing this challenge and achieving scores that rank above the regional and state averages."Pittman also stated, "We will continue to push rigor and making learning fun and enjoyable as we shoot for the best."The new tests have been under much scrutiny following the higher demand of expectations from the state. However, Sweetwater ISD is pleased with their testing performance, notably that their scores--with the exception of one area school--are among the highest in the area.In fact, other area school districts are taking notice of the success seen at Sweetwater ISD. While they praise the accomplishments of the Sweetwater school district, the area schools are also learning how the programs within the local campuses are being used to obtain test scores that exceed the standard set by the state.Kathy Smartt, the Assistant Superintendent of Sweetwater ISD, added, "It is quite a challenge to test approximately 150 students in every grade and qualify for every subgroup's standards. That is a challenge that small surrounding school districts do not face. But, our SISD Team rose to the challenge and we are receiving praises from other districts.""We are proud of our students, parents and campuses for accomplishing amazing academic goals. These results bring me joy," Smartt concluded.