Star Search finals set for Jan. 21

The 2012 Star Search Finals will be held at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 21, at the Sweetwater High School Auditorium.The show’s director, Billie Berry, would like to remind performers of these important items:1.Dress rehearsal is Saturday, Jan. 21. Time slots have been scheduled for each performance. Each performance has 10 minutes to rehearse. Performers are asked to be at the Sweetwater High School Auditorium at least 10 minutes before the assigned time slot. There will be a sign-in sheet for performers to sign in as soon as they arrive. It is very important that each and every one of the performers are on time, as organizers will not wait, but go on to the next available performance. If for any reason a performer misses their time slot, they will be rescheduled at the end of the day’s rehearsal (after 2:30 p.m. if time permits).2. Performers must come with their costume and all of their props.3. Performers should bring the best copy of their music on CD. The CD should be cued and ready to play. Performers should have their name on the CD and are asked to pick up CDs after the night’s performances.4. All performances must be limited to 3.5 minutes.5. Be back at the Sweetwater High School Cafeteria by 5:15 p.m. in costume and ready to go.2011 Star Search Practice ScheduleElementary DivisionSoutheast Elementary School8 a.m. Jaden Doggett, dancing to “Baby, Baby”.8:10 a.m. Carla Araguz, singing “Suds in the Bucket”.East Ridge Elementary School8:20 a.m. Sydni Jackson playing a piano medley.8:30 a.m. Alyson Moore singing with slideshow “Pray”.8:40 a.m. Mackenzie Hawkins and Kylie Reyes dancing to “Tricky”.8:50 a.m. Cameron Coldiron dancing to “Club Can’t Handle Me”.9 a.m. Thomas Hernandez, hula-hoop while dancing, “Hulawockee”.9:10 a.m. Samantha Lawhon singing “Our Song”.Sweetwater Intermediate School9:20 a.m. Bianca Bohall, singing “Rockin’ Robin”.9:30 a.m. Cierra Hays, singing “Blessed Redeemer”.9:40 a.m. Meghann Olguin, Cassiah Castro, Tyler Warner and Stephen Turney, dancing to “We Are Who We Are”.9:50 a.m. Kolbi Turner singing “Our Song”.10 a.m. Bonnie Anglin, Cyera Pieper, Kenley Reed, Josie Sanchez, Emerald Torres and Baylor Trevino dancing to “Bust a Move”.10:10 a.m. Krysten Smith, singing/playing piano, “Someone Like You”.Sweetwater Middle School10:20 a.m. Serena Flores and Cynthia Monsbias, dancing to “Paint Grenade Power”.10:30 a.m. Veronica Cabellero, singing “Who Says”.10:40 a.m. Ainsleigh Nelson and Shania Towner, singing/dancing, “Dynamic Duo”.10:50 a.m. Karleigh Coldrion, singing “Hold Me”.Sweetwater High School11 a.m. Crysten Ivy and Steven Le, singing/playing guitar to “Your Guardian Angel”.11:10 a.m. Allison Winslett, singing/playing piano to “Pianist Extraordinaire”. 1 p.m. 2010-2011 Winners Practice — Elementary School1:10 p.m. 2010-2011 Winners Practice — Intermediate School1:20 p.m. 2010-2011 Winners Practice — Middle School1:30 p.m. 2010-2011 Winners Practice — High School