State Fire Marshal called in to investigate for arson in Roscoe

After incidents occurring these past few days, it now seems obvious that an arsonist is at work in Roscoe and the Roscoe area. Following the most recent incident, a fire that burned down a vacant house on FM 608 two miles north of Roscoe early Wednesday morning, the state fire marshal has been called in to investigate.This fire follows another possibly related blaze that destroyed the M.T. Duncan home west of Roscoe Sunday night. The home, vacant for some time, burned to the ground about midnight. Located three miles west of town next to the south I-20 service road, it had a covered garage with two cars in it. Both cars and garage were completely destroyed along with the house.Another suspicious incident suggesting arson came to light yesterday with the discovery of an attempt to set fire to the house at 210 Cypress. This fine old home, known to some as the Arledge house, is owned by Larry McBurnett of Bryan and is the oldest house still standing in Roscoe, having been built over a century ago.Someone apparently threw gasoline on the front door and the porch floor just below it and then set it ablaze. Luckily, the door was made of steel and didn’t catch fire, but it has definitely been scorched and there are burn marks at the bottom of the door both inside and out.The house is just across the street from the Treviño residence at 211 Cypress, where arson is suspected in two incidents occurring there two weeks apart in March.And on February 5, fire destroyed the Armando Renteria residence on 110 Ash Street, leaving him and his family without a home. The cause of that blaze is also under investigation. There have also been a couple of fires recently in the Sweetwater area. Although nothing is certain about any connections at this time, there certainly seem to be too many fires occurring in the area to be accidental.Anyone with information about any of these fires should call Roscoe City Hall at 325-766-3871 or Crime Stoppers at 325-235-8477. See more photos inside and see more Roscoe news at