Stray shot hits car

A woman's back windshield was hit by a stray bullet on Friday evening, Feb. 17, 2012, in the Cato parking lot in Sweetwater.According to Lt. Randy Hanes with the Sweetwater Police Department, police received a call regarding shots fired in the parking lot. Two officers were in the area near the Hampton Inn in Sweetwater and heard the shots. According to Hanes, the officers heard the multiple shots coming from the southeast, behind the Hampton Inn. It is believed that the shots were simply stray bullets from shots fired by someone hunting or discharging their firearm. "People need to be aware that rounds can travel a very long distance. Please exercise good caution when discharging a firearm, no matter what you are shooting at — even while hunting deer or other game — or where you are shooting," said Hanes. "This case could have been much worse, as the owner of the vehicle was inside of it when the back windshield was shot."