Students participate in Mustang Theatre Camp

Mustang Theatre Camp for second through eighth graders kicked off last Thursday at the Sweetwater High School Auditorium and continued on Monday. Each day of camp starts at 9 a.m. and provides a concentrated experience in the world of theatre production with participation in acting, improvisation, costume building, makeup, backstage crew work, history, dance and performance. Participating campers are given the opportunity to act or work as technical support crew. Mustang Theatre Camp is an exciting learning experience and an opportunity for the children's imagination to expand. Involvement in the production of a play enhances thinking skills and fosters responsibility. Students attending Mustang Theatre Camp 2013 are Skye Bishop, Rachel Sparks, Elli Lehnert, Elijah Kittleson, Macy Newberry, Jonathan Weaver, Jaden Doggett, Nick Granado, Rylan Torres, Jillian Virgen, Robyn Brooks, Bean Guzman, Mackenzie Hawkins, Makayla Sanchez, Emorie Anglin, Maddalyn Terral, Benjum Terral, Clara Wingo, Kara Lehnert, Ethan Boswell, Isaac Wingo, Gregory Weaver, Leslie Knight and Kiley Granado. Mustang Theatre Camp will culminate with a performance of The Princess and The Princess on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. Shown, Emily Richardson works with Skye Bishop and Elli Lehnert on Monday morning.