Studies considered, continue for Cline Shale development

Wrapping up the local Cline Shale Session on Friday, December 14, 2012, was discussion on the possibility of taking part in a study conducted by the University of Texas San Antonio on the oil exploration and development.A price change was seen if only a few counties took part in the study, but overall its purpose is to learn what is coming with the boom, how to address issues presently and how to deal with the development at it takes place.However, it was noted that while the decision on the study takes place, entities should keep working on issues and not wait on results. Ken Becker, the executive director of the Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED) who served as the session host, noted that already a wide number of resources are available. The study could be beneficial, but it may present information that was already known and could possibly be outdated.The emcee of the session, Bill Lavers with the Development Corporation of Snyder (DCOS), gave an example of a house study conducted, which showed an increase of people resulting in more housing. However, an outside agency had to be brought in, in which their data showed what they already knew.With this study, three months would be accounted for which would be broken down by county and the overall region.Other questions and issues were brought up by attendees, including the involvement of transportation and electric companies. Invitations have been sent to power companies, and meetings are taking place with the Texas Department of Transportation.The monthly meetings take place during the second Friday of each month, but the January schedule was amended so participants could attend a rail dedication event prior to the next Cline Shale Session to be held in Snyder.This story is the final part in a four-article series outlining the recent Cline Shale Session in Sweetwater and its potential impact in and around the community. The session is "a roundtable discussion involving community leaders from various institutions in the region within the Cline Shale oil exploration and development area."