Sub-varsity v’ball results

Here are the Sweetwater High School results for sub-varsity volleyball matches on Tuesday at Big Spring. Sweetwater JV lost to Big Spring 23-25, 17-25Kills: Lauren Jones 4, Abby Garcia 2, Marissa Moncada 1, Alyssa Soles 1, Sarah Valdez 1.Digs: Alyssa Soles 6, Abby Garcia 3, Marissa Moncada 3, Sarah Valdez 3, Lauren Jones 2, Kristi Ward 1.Assists: Lauren Jones 3, Sarah Valdez 2, Katie Fox 1, Abby Garcia 1.Aces: Abby Garcia 3, Katie Fox 2.Blocks: Abby Garcia 1.Sweetwater district rec-ord: 1-3.Sweetwater freshmen defeated Big Spring25-21, 25-18Kills: Annaliese Espinoza 4, Brittany Peeples 4, Kait-lyn Foster 3, Davina Walk-er 3. Digs: Brittany Peeples 8, Rhylee Meneses 7, Davina Walker 5, Kaitlyn Foster 4, Natalie Valdez 4, Annaliese Espinoza 3, Destiny Renter-ia 3.Assists: Davina Walker 5, Kaitlyn Foster 3, Destiny Renteria 1.Aces: Davina Walker 3, Brittany Peeples 2.Blocks: None.Sweetwater district rec-ord: 2-2.