SW Animal Control seeking adoptees for 6 dogs

Ray Bohall
Staff Writer

Tuesday afternoon, the Sweetwater Animal Control Shelter is seeking adoptees for seven dogs held in the animal shelter. The dogs ranged from a dachshund, three young mixed breed dachshund puppies, a chihuahua mix puppy and a young terrier mix puppy.
The young chihuahua mix, brindle in color, is a very loving and playful dog. Estimated to be between 6 months and a year old, she seemed to great health and was very sociable.
The pound also is hosting three young long-hair dachshund mixes. All three, a group of siblings, were very different personality-wise but they are all very loving and cuddly dogs. They are all marked with a black coat, brindle marking with white spots across parts of their body. Two of them are shaggier and have much longer hair while one is much shorter than the others. They are estimated to be about 4 to 5 months old.
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