SW district golf results

BOYS STANDINGS AFTER 36 HOLES(Final round will be played April 10 at Abilene Wylie)TEAM STANDINGS1. Big Spring317-305-6222. Sweetwater No. 1320-324-6443. Wylie 326-320-6464. Snyder323-324-6475. Brownwood333-377-7106. Sweetwater No. 2398-392-790(Note: Team standings are incomplete)SWEETWATER NO. 1 SCORESAlex Castillo77-79-156 (4th)Ryan Mercer79-80-159 (6th)Mason Andrews81-81-162 (10th)Dylan Torres81-86-167Guy Bond86-100-186SWEETWATER NO. 2 SCORESMichael Hazard94-94-188Yates Cypert93-96-189Colin Dunn108-94-202Blake Cumbie103-108-211Wesley Maxwell108-108-216SWEETWATER MEDALISTSKevin Ludlum100-99-199Jeremy Witt109-116-225NOTE:The top two teams and the top two individuals not on those teams will advance to the regional tournaments. The boys regional tournament will be held Monday and Tuesday, April 16-17 in Lubbock while the girls regional tournament will be held Thursday and Friday, April 18-19 in San Angelo. GIRLS STANDINGS AFTER 36 HOLES(Final round will be played April 9 at Brownwood)TEAM STANDINGS1. Snyder No. 1355-344-6992. Sweetwater No. 1356-376-7323. Wylie372-376-7484. Big Spring401-402-8035. Brownwood411-419-8306. Sweetwater No. 2417-417-8347. Snyder No. 2443-399-842SWEETWATER NO. 1 SCORESElise Lawrence82-90-172 (T3rd)Alex Gomez88-94-182 (9th)Amy Witt90-95-185 (11th)Haylee Stewart 96-97-193 (15th)Rachel Hunt99-100-199 (T18th)SWEETWATER NO. 2 SCORESMolly Fincher94-95-189 (13th)Sierra Hernandez100-99-199 (T18th)Alexis Castillo111-111-222 (26th)Laney Wallace112-112-224 (28th)SWEETWATER MEDALISTS(2nd round only)Kala Wofford 113Megan Carney 114Tatum Maxwell 117Corynn Martin 124