SW powerlifters at Cooper’s meet

Sweetwater High School’s girls and boys powerlifters competed this past Friday at Abilene Cooper’s meet.Both SHS teams will be competing at Clyde’s meet to held this Thursday and then serve as host teams for the Arlon Barnes Classic to be held here Feb. 14. The Sweetwater boys also have a qualifying meet Feb. 23 at Hawley.The individual results from Abilene Cooper’s meet follow, with the total weight lifted in parentheses:Sweetwater boys:Donald Baker — 1st in 148-pound class (1,040)Austin Marlett — 3rd in 165-pound class (1,035)Steven Le — 5th in 165-pound class (980)Kendal Rea — 4th in 242-pound class (1,205)Sweetwater girls (2nd place):Alexis Thompson — 2nd in 114-pound class (495)Valeria Zavaleta — 2nd in 123-pound class (530)Tierra Brown — 2nd in 132-pound class (490)Mikki Reschman — 2nd in 148-pound class (640)Kristi Ward — 4th in 148-pound class (605)Dana Hohn — 3rd in 165-pound class (710)Ezzy Mermella — 3rd in 181-pound class (565)Ashley Lara — 2nd in 198-pound class (525)Softball signups to continue locallySoftball signups for girls between the ages of 5-14 will be held on three additional dates — Feb. 15, Feb. 19 and Feb. 21 — from 6-8 p.m. on each day at the Fourth and Elm Church of Christ warehouse. Persons should bring a copy of their child’s birth certificate. For more infor-mation, call (325) 455-5485 or (325) 721-7416.