Sweetwater’s District 5 tournament results

Local results through Thursday; more results will be in Monday’s paperMINOR LEAGUE(Ages 9-10)AT ABILENE WYLIEFirst RoundTUESDAY, JUNE 5Sweetwater RiverDogs 14, Snyder Cubs 12Second RoundWEDNESDAY, JUNE 6Wylie Astros 13, Sweetwater RiverDogs 1 (Sweetwater elimi-nated from tournament)AT ABILENE DIXIEFirst RoundMONDAY, JUNE 4Wylie Yankees 8, Sweetwater Dodgers 3 (Sweetwater eliminated from tournament)MAJOR LEAGUE(Ages 11-12)AT SNYDERFirst RoundTUESDAY, JUNE 5Sweetwater D’Backs 9, Snyder Braves 7Second RoundWEDNESDAY, JUNE 6Sweetwater D’Backs 4, Jim Ned Rangers 3AT ABILENE NORTHERNThird RoundTHURSDAY, JUNE 7Abilene Dixie Mets 5, Sweet-water D’Backs 4SemifinalsFRIDAY, JUNE 88 p.m. — Sweetwater D’Backs vs. Wylie RangersNote: Sweetwater remained in the tournament after being declared the wild card winner, The D’Backs faced the Wylie Rangers in a District 5 tournament semifinal Friday, June 8 at the Abilene Northern field. The winner advanced to the title game vs. the Dixie Mets or Wylie Phillies on Saturday, June 9, also at Abilene Northern.AT SNYDERFirst RoundMONDAY, JUNE 4Sweetwater Astros 9, Abilene Southern Yankees 2Second RoundWEDNESDAY, JUNE 6Sweetwater Astros 9, Snyder Yankees 2AT ABILENE WYLIEThird RoundTHURSDAY, JUNE 7Wylie Rangers 14, Sweetwater Astros 12 (Sweetwater eliminated from tournament)JUNIOR LEAGUE(Ages 13-14)AT SNYDERFirst RoundMONDAY, JUNE 4Snyder Astros 4, Sweetwater Rangers 3 (Sweetwater eliminated from tournament)AT SNYDERFirst RoundMONDAY, JUNE 4Sweetwater Astros 11, Snyder Yankees 10AT ABILENE WYLIESecond RoundTHURSDAY, JUNE 7Sweetwater Astros 20, Wylie No. 2 4AT ABILENE NORTHSemifinalsSATURDAY, JUNE 98 p.m. — Sweetwater Astros vs. Clyde Express or Abilene Eastern JayhawksNote: Saturday’s winner advances to Monday’s title game at Abilene Wylie that will begin at 7 p.m. against the Abilene North Sun Devils, Abilene South Waves or Snyder Astros.