Sweetwater and the Municipal Development District

Staff Writer

The Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED) has been meeting with Community Development Strategies (CDS) and business leaders in Sweetwater to conduct a housing study over the past two weeks. Over this period, Steven R. Spillette, the President of CDS and Michael Prats, the Senior Market Analyst have sat down to meet with realtors, builders, city officials, bankers, large manufactures, SISD officials, the Chamber of Commerce manager as well as SEED employees. The housing study is to be done to see what Sweetwater needs to accomplish should the town vote to become a Municipal Development District as have other surrounding towns to spur economic growth.
Texas cities can create economic development corporations(EDCs) entities to assist in
advancing local economic growth. The creation of these corporations must be approved by the voters and EDCs are funded from locally collected sales taxes.
The most common forms of EDCs are; Type A EDCs.These corporations are narrowly focused on industrial and manufacturing job creation. They also rely on job training but have the advantage of being able to quickly offer incentive packages with approval of an EDC board of directors and the local city council or city commission. Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development(SEED) is currently a Type A EDC.
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