Sweetwater ISD creates ‘leftover funds’ donation account to feed hungry students

Staff Writer

Sweetwater ISD is inviting families with leftover funds in their school lunch accounts to donate the money to feed hungry students.
A new program has created a shared lunch account that will pay for breakfast and lunch for children who cannot buy it themselves. Previously, these students would have been offered a replacement meal, such as a cheese sandwich.
These students are students who are supposed to pay full price, not students whose families qualify for free or reduced lunches.
“A few extra dollars from families with the ability to donate can help us make sure all of our children have consistent access to a variety of nutritious school meals, while simultaneously keeping Sweetwater ISD’s finances optimally maintained,” according to a press release.
Families who do not donate money into the shared lunch fund will have the extra money carry over into their student’s account for the next school year.
They can also opt to have a certain amount donated, such as up to $10, and the remainder will stay in their student’s account.
Parents can get information on how to submit the form on the Sweetwater ISD website.