Sweetwater ISD looks to implement e-books

The Sweetwater ISD Board of Trustees approved a change in the school calendar for the snow/ice make-up days during their meeting held on Thursday night.Friday, April 18 and Monday, May 26 will now be regular school days for the district instead of the Good Friday and Memorial Day holidays. Three total days were missed this year due to the bad weather, and the board approved an application for a missed instructional day waiver to cover the third day, which would be submitted online. Sweetwater fared well in comparison to other districts, some of which are needing to cover seven days of missed school.Also during the meeting, the instructional materials allotment and TEKS Certification for 2014-2015 was approved. Due to the advancement of technology, textbooks are now being replaced with e-books. Various options were looked at by administration and the textbook committee. Many apps (applications) are available through the e-books, in addition to video playback of lessons and material for students with disabilities. Many high school classes are looking at implementing e-books as the students who initially obtained iPads promote to the high school. Some classes with younger students hope to obtain a classroom set of iPads in the future.In addition, approval was given toward the superintendent's recommendation for renewal of a professional contract for J.P. Cowen principal Crystal Meneses. Two retirements and one resignation were approved as well in professional personnel, while one resignation was noted in paraprofessional personnel.Furthermore, the two delinquent tax lot bids that were presented were approved. While one bid met the minimum requirement, the other bid was accepted on the condition that the bidder would pay the adjusted value amount for the property.The consent agenda was also approved at the meeting, which included the minutes from the February 12 and 17 meetings, the investment statement, and the February 2014 financial statement and bills.