Sweetwater ISD Releases Statement on Possible Terroristic Threat at SIS

Staff Writer

FROM: George McFarland Superintendent of Schools
Sweetwater ISD
To inform parents and the community of an incident that occurred at Sweetwater Intermediate School (SIS), the District is issuing the following Statement:
Today, April 29, 2019, the administration at Sweetwater Intermediate School was alerted to a possible terroristic threat made against the campus by one of its currently enrolled students.
Pursuant to the District’s customary safety operations protocol, the district ensured that there was no immediate threat to anyone at the campus or the district, and immediately involved local law enforcement, who initiated an investigation into the allegations of an unlawful act being committed against the school. During that investigation, it was discovered that a firearm had likely been in the possession of one or more students on campus during the previous week of school.
Possession of a firearm on school property by a student is an extremely serious violation of the Student Code of Conduct, District policy and is a criminal matter. This incident is being treated as such. All required actions concerning this matter have been taken by the District.
We appreciate the cooperation the District received from the Sweetwater Police Department and the prompt attention it has given this incident.
The District will continue to fully cooperate with all authorities having jurisdiction over this matter as needed and to the fullest extent permitted by law.
Please be assured that our students’ safety is paramount to us. We believe there is no present danger to our schools. Nonetheless, we will continue to take all measures to maintain a safe and secure environment at all of our campuses.
If a parent or student knows of a person who has brought a weapon to school or if other threats to school safety are present, we encourage those individuals to notify the police or school administration immediately.