Sweetwater ISD welcomes its new superintendent

Staff Writer

Dr George McFarland was welcomed to Sweetwater on Thursday by the Sweetwater Board of Trustees and Sweetwater Athletic Director, Ben McGehee. He was named the Lone Finalist for the Superintendent position of Sweetwater ISD at their April 17th Board Meeting.
Dr. McFarland will be in Sweetwater some during the next few weeks serving in a consultant position, observing our kids and schools, meeting with staff and community members to determine the needs of our kids and our schools in the 2017-2018 school year.
"Dr. McFarland has a record of bringing needed change through servant leadership, and we are excited about his ability to address the problems in our schools. He is unapologetically about putting "students first" and about relying on his faith in God, family values, and employee collaboration as his bedrock for decision making. We are thrilled to bring him to you and to see the changes he brings to our schools" said Leah Andrews, President of the Board of Trustees.
On May 11 the board will vote to hire Dr. McFarland in a specially called meeting at 4:00 pm in the cafeteria at the Sweetwater Intermediate School. Immediately following the signing of his contract with the district, there will be a reception allowing the public to meet McFarland and talk with him personally about the direction of our schools.
"If you see Dr. McFarland around town in the next few weeks please introduce yourself, and show him the best Mustang welcome and the West Texas hospitality that Sweetwater folks are known for! " said Andrews "He is the leader that will make Sweetwater ISD the school of choice in our area. We are thrilled to bring him to you."