Sweetwater remains in Stage I drought plan

Following an evaluation from the city engineers, Sweetwater will remain in Stage I of the city's Drought Contingency Plan.As stated during City Manager Eddie Brown's report during the May meeting of the City Commission, Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd made the determination from its recent water availability assessment. Stage I involves limiting the use of water on a voluntary basis.However, Brown noted that Stage II drought conditions will be considered as the summer months progress. The mandatory requirements from Stage II would include watering during the hours of midnight to 10 a.m., auto turn offs on hoses and the restoration of public water; anyone not in compliance with the second stage guidelines could face fines around $100.Also mentioned was the recent meeting with TSTC (Texas State Technical College) President Gail Lawrence on the PEG, or Public Education Government, cable television station partnership between the city and the school. The city has savings totaling around $48,000 which can specifically be used on this venture.TSTC has shown some interest in possibly setting up some courses or even a program involving the potential station. However, the partnership is still in the planning stages and city staff intends to follow up on the initial meeting.In addition, the results from the recent auction held on Saturday, May 4 were announced. After commission costs, the sales from Sweetwater--which included old police cars and other city equipment--totaled around $14,000.Doug Alexander from Doug's Auction conducted the auction, which was cited as a successful event with a good turnout. A few other entities took part in the auction, bringing the grand total of money raised to $33,000.And because scheduling conflicts led to the cancellation of the May 16 Commission Budget Workshop, it will be held on May 31 at the Water Treatment Plant on Hillsdale Road beginning at 8:00 a.m. along with the Strategic Planning retreat, where annexation, zoning, development and infrastructure issues will be discussed.