Sweetwater sees rash of car burglaries

Sweetwater has recently fallen victim to a rash of vehicle burglaries in the northeast side of town. According to Sweetwater Chief of Police Jim Kelley, the burglaries began on Sunday, being the night with the most vehicle burglaries so far at 15 reported that evening. On Monday, four vehicle burglaries were reported and two vehicle burglaries were reported on Tuesday. Two were reported last night. Reports came from the 1700 block of Hailey, 1500 block of E. 12th, 1400 block of James, 1500 block of James, 1500 block of Josephine and the 1600 block of Grand. According to Chief Kelley, several apartment parking lots have been targeted such as the Spanish Arms Apartments and Apple Creek Apartments. "The burglaries have been occurring north of James Street and east of Hailey Street so far," he added.Many items have been taken in the burglaries including several stereos, a laptop computer, mobile phone, several purses, a vehicle maintenance book, jewelry and loose change."All of the vehicles that were burglarized so far were unlocked. We encourage all residents to lock their doors," said Kelley. "Also, don't leave anything valuable inside of your vehicle overnight." Kelley also encourages residents to double click their locks on their cars to set the alarms. No arrests have been made in the vehicle burglaries, but the Sweetwater Police Department has added more patrol units and officers are making many more stops in the area.