Sweetwater WASP WWII Museum receives restored BT-13 aircraft

Staff Writer

Saturday September 16th The National WASP WWII Museum in Sweetwater, Texas received a restored Vultee BT-13 Valiant aircraft from American Aviation Heritage Foundation in Blaine, Minnesota. The BT-13 was a basic trainer, flown by WASPs during their training at Avenger Field. The aircraft was presented to the WASP Museum as part of the "Gift of Wings" program, inspired by WASP Betty Strohfus, as a way to celebrate the WASPs and their contributions to the military in WWII. 
The group has put more than 20,000 volunteer hours and 5 years into the restoration of the vintage plane. “Throughout the BT-13 restoration process we have been committed to as close to 100% WWII AAF military accuracy as we could possibly deliver. Nothing on the airplane that would not have been there back in 1943. However, In a not-so-subtle attempt to document the incredible effort of our volunteers that made this beautiful airplane possible.we have included a very special piece of original art work in the airplane which, although not 100% genuine military, speaks for itself.”
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