Tenaska negotiates for Stamford water

The Jones County town of Stamford has announced it's in contract negotiations with Tenaska, the coal power electric plant being designed for Sweetwater.In a news conference Friday afternoon, Stamford Mayor Johnny Anders, Junior said they are negotiating to sell waste water and excess city water for the proposed Trailblazer Energy Center.There have been concerns amongst the community about selling the water to Tenaska, but Mayor Anders said it will do nothing but benefit the town and the plant.Waste water from the city's waste water treatment plant and Lake Stamford would be the sources of the city water to be sold to Tenaska.In the proposal, Stamford would receive funds immediately and would have an ongoing source of revenue for at least 30 years, once the project goes into operation.The mayor would not release any details about the plant and water usage or when the two might finalize a contract. He did however state that both the city and Tenaska would benefit from an agreement.The mayor thinks they are about 75 percent done with the contract negotiations and has no reason to believe they won't reach an agreement.The city will hold an open house Monday, July 11, at the Stamford Community Center to tell residents about the agreement, and address any concerns.