Texas Board of Ed Seeks to Remove WASP from Curriculum


As Sweetwater, the rest of Texas and the nation are preparing to honor all veterans on Veteran’s Day, the Texas State Board of Education has a strange idea on how to honor our veterans. They want to remove mention of them from the curriculum.
Astonishingly, the Texas State Board of Education sees fit to erase the history of the Women Airfare Service Pilots. As residents of Sweetwater and Nolan County are aware, the heritage and history of WASP at Avenger Field is an indispensable military legacy embedded in the fabric of West Texas and Texas itself.
The proposed amendment is 19 TAC Chapter 113, Subchapter A, page 11.
The mission of the National WASP WWII Museum is to educate and inspire all generations with the story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots - the first women to fly America’s military aircraft - women who forever changed the role of women in aviation. 
“Without WASP shared at an early age in elementary school, we are missing an opportunity to educate the next generation of Texans about our nation’s military heritage, aviation sciences, the power of pioneering citizens, strong empowered women and preserving democracy.”  President and CEO Ann Hobing said.
“Our Museum welcomes approximately 5000 guests annually and, according to Texas Tourism, the average tourist spends more than $100 daily.  That is more than a half million dollar impact our Museum has in Nolan County. Removing WASP from our state curriculum would have a negative impact on the future of our mission, the quality of education and financial sustainability of our city and county.” Hobing said.
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