Texas criminal defense lawyers celebrate 4th of July with reading of Declaration of Independence

Local members of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (“TCDLA”) are planning annual Fourth of July readings of the Declaration of Independence at over 50 county courthouses and other public buildings across the state in conjunction with other criminal defense attorneys throughout the nation. TCDLA is an organization of lawyers committed to protecting and ensuring by rule of law the individual rights guaranteed by the Texas and Federal Constitutions in criminal cases.Bobby Mims of Tyler, Texas, President of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association endorsed the efforts of criminal defense lawyers. "The Declaration of Independence was the spark that ignited the flame of Democracy that has spread across the world. It is fitting that Americans take a few minutes to remember and be reminded of the principles that made America unique among nations in 1776. The criminal defense lawyers of Texas defend these principles daily in the courts of Texas. The annual reading of the Declaration is an important reminder to our fellow citizens of these cherished principles," Mims said.“We want to honor our country’s founders, as well as our past and present military personnel by reciting the document that embodies our values. Further, we hope to demonstrate our patriotism and raise awareness to the citizens of this country that they need to remain ever vigilant in the protection of our liberties,” states Gary Trichter, Past President of TCDLA and attorney in Bandera, Texas.Sweetwater attorneys John Young, Trey Keith and Chris Hartman will coordinate the event in Sweetwater. "Criminal defense lawyers fight to protect the liberty and freedom expressed by Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence in courtrooms across this state and nation everyday,” Young said. "It is right and good that we take a few minutes on this Independence Day to honor our founding fathers and the principles of liberty and freedom embodied in the Declaration."   County Judge Tim Fambrough will introduce the reading at 9:30 a.m. on July 4, immediately before the Independence Day parade in Sweetwater. The reading will be conducted on the south steps of the Nolan County Courthouse.