Texas National Bank Awards Good Grades Pay Winners

A Special to the Reporter
Staff Writer

Forty-eight Sweetwater High School students made the A-Honor Roll in the 1st six weeks of the 2017-2018 school year, and Texas National Bank continued with its commitment to recognize and award one lucky scholar from each grade with $50. The winners of the Texas National Bank Good Grades Pay Award for the 1st six seeks of the 2017-2018 school year were Danner Foust (9th Grade), Elli Lehnert (10th Grade), Mackenzie Pyle (11th Grade), and Jonathan Bewley (12th Grade). Other students making the A-Honor Roll were:
Ninth Grade: Jacqueline Arellano, Alexandria Bell, Max Berry, Heather Caballero, Ethan Cortez, Kyla Daniel, Emma Dent, Krystian Gomez, Jeremy Le, Gabriella Pena, Ridley Reed, Mia Valdez and Jazel Villa.
Tenth Grade: Madilyn Baucum, Elizabeth Fernandez, Madyson Gilmore, Kei’arriyen Griffin, Garrett Logan, Lily Smola, Collin Stafford, Gabriella Ukabi and Ceasar Vidaurri.
Eleventh Grade: Gavin Bennett, Shania Boyd, Maria Chavez, Riley Dodd, Stephanie Gallardo, Kara Lehnert, Annisa McCollom, Brianna Moriel, Julia Rees, Breeana Torres, and Rose Vera.
Twelfth Grade: Isak Alvarez, Angela Blueford, Kolt Halstead, Trenton Hicks, Jason Hoover, Mason Maxwell, Jaelynn Page, Shasta Phipps, Lauren Rodriguez, Kurt Wetsel and Zachary Zapata.
Congratulations to those who made all A’s during the six week period, and to the Good Grades Pay winners. Texas National Bank wants to remind students to apply themselves, set goals, and study hard, because Good Grades Pay!
The Good Grades Pay program was established by Texas National Bank in 2012 to encourage Sweetwater High School students to do well in school and pursue higher education. To date, the bank has awarded $5,800 to local students.