Time to go

I remember back long ago in times of such a different world. Houses, friends, toys and lives were so much more simple than today. Your mother would take you with her to a near neighbor's house to play while she visited with his mother. Did you hear that? That's a flashback to so long ago before so many conveniences that somehow have mysteriously conspired to take more time than we have. Oh, for a second I forgot. That was before constantly blaring televisions and cell phones kept close by so we can hear them ring over all the other hype. We may live to see the day when we need special doctors to surgically remove cell phones from people.My mother would say, "Now don't start 'dragging out' and planning on playing a long time because we will have to go home and fix dinner pretty soon." In one ear and out the other."Oh look!" "Let's take all of this and build a fort and use this to build a bridge." "We can use these for our horses." "We have our cap pistols to hole the Indians off the fort."Then out of the blue world of wonder comes your mother's voice saying, "Come on now it's time to go home!" "Oh no! No! We just go started and didn't have time!" "You didn't listen to me Stanley, I told you we had to go pretty soon.""It's time to go right now!"Triple fast-forward a normal lifetime and have a review inside your own head. Back up three or four years from now and hear yourself saying, "We don't really need that or need to go there again. "We can save that money and go on a long trip."After awhile you hear yourself saying, "No we can't go there. Those people said they had to be finished with this by September 1st and I didn't know it would go on this long."Later on to add insult to personally inflicted injury, the people you are doing it for say, "Oh, we forgot you were doing that, we've been on a vacation and meant to tell you we don't need that until the end of the year!"Then out of a different, much more powerful blue world of wonder the Lord Himself says to your mate of 43 married years, "Come on now, it's time to go."Who says we don't ever learn even if it's way yonder late.Stan Johnson lives and works in Nolan County. Comments about this column can be emailed to editor@sweetwaterreporter.com.