Torres has passion for running, cycling

Her regular job is with the Texas Department of Agriculture, but a Sweetwa-ter native also finds time for lots of running and cycling.On Sunday, Kathy Torres will run a half-marathon at the Panhandle Marathon in Lubbock, which she now calls home. She also plans to compete in two other events in Lubbock — the Du Bob Du (Duathlon) on Oct. 6, which is a two-mile run/12-mile cycling event, and the Red Raider 10K Road Race on Oct. 12, plus another half-marathon — the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon in San Antonio — on Nov. 17.Torres never thought she would get involved in cycling until she attended Lubbock’s Wellness Today fitness center where “I met lots of inspiring people that got me where I am today.”After she attended cross training classes that included running and cycling outdoors, Torres decided to participate in events this year, starting in early May when she placed first in her division at the Hammer Down Du (Duathlon) in Abilene, which consisted of a 1.8-mile run/10-mile cycle. After that she competed in events at Muleshoe, where she cycled 40 miles for the first time; at White River, where she cycled 47 miles; at Wichita Falls, which was a 100K cycling event; and in Shallowater, a 10K running event where she placed second in her division.She said running and cycling have been her passion, and her goal is to collect 100 bibs. “So yes, 95 more events to go!” she said. “Although once I reach my goal, there’s no stopping. I will continue running, cycling and attending cross training classes as well as events. I’m looking forward to next year as I plan on running a full marathon.”Torres is the daughter of Luis and Margret Torres of Sweetwater. She cited one of her favorite quotes: “It’s possible to achieve your dreams at any age if you really believe in yourself and have perseverance.”