Trial set for former pharmacy trainee

The trial for Jill Frizzell has been set for Tuesday, March 6, 2012, in the 32nd Judicial District Court. Frizzell was indicted for fraudulent possession of a controlled substance, a third degree felony. Court documents state that Frizzell attempted to possess an increased quantity of a controlled substance, namely Zopiclone, by misrepresentation or deception. The date of offense was July 17, 2010.Frizzell pled not guilty to the offense ad states that she was a pharmacy trainee at the Wal-Mart pharmacy in Sweetwater, when she and a pharmacist were the only two working. She states that it is unknown as to who's prescription they are filling until the final step, when the label is put on the prescription bottle. "I was being rushed that day as we were short-handed and as I was putting the label on the final bottle I was filling, I noticed that it was my prescription for Lunesta, which I used to take on occasion to help me sleep. There are two strengths for Lunesta and for the stronger prescription, there are less pills and for the weaker prescription, there are more pills per prescription bottle. After I handed the bottle to the pharmacist, he shook it and I could hear that there were more pills in the bottle than there were supposed to be. I knew I had made a mistake and filled it for the weaker prescription for more pills than was prescribed to me. I was not trying to give myself more pills. As soon as I knew I had made a mistake, I let the pharmacist know."Frizzell states that she was fired from her job.