Trinity Baptist offering seminar

The holidays are known in the movies and in card shops across the world as a happy, warm family time. But for those who have recently divorced or separated, the holidays have a very different feel and will trigger many tough emotions. DivorceCare's Surviving the Holidays offers hope, help and practical guidelines of how to make it through this holiday season. Separation and divorce are difficult enough, but during the holidays it can get even tougher. Trinity Baptist Church will offer the two-hour Surviving the Holidays seminar on two upcoming dates, Tuesday, Dec. 6, and Tuesday, Dec. 13. Each stand-alone session begins at 6 p.m. with child care provided upon request. The DVD presentation during each session is sub-titled, which is perfect for the hearing impaired. Along with the DVD, a Survival Guide features a note-taking section, more than 30 daily devotions and other resources to minister to a hurting person during the holidays. The only cost for the session is $4 for the Survival Guide; however, scholarships are available if needed. A preview of the seminar can be seen at is located at the corner of Hailey and Santa Fe Streets. Surviving the Holidays will be offered in the youth room at the church. Access is gained by using the northwest outside staircase. The youth room is the first room on the left upon entry. If you have questions or would be interested in attending either session, call the church at 235-2991.