TSTC mobile wind training unit put to work

UpWind Solutions had the Texas State Technical College mobile unit on site as part of their ongoing employee training. According to service area manager for UpWind Solutions, Bryan Gregory, training must be done annually and new employees go through a four day course. A representative of Tech Safety Lines (TSL) and a representative of TSTC were on hand to assist with the training. Joe Don Dutton, a contract worker for TSL and Dallas firefighter and Glen Bedgood from TSTC helped with the rescue training. According to Bedgood, UpWind is the second company to use the mobile training unit. The unit was acquired through a Texas Workforce Commission Grant in September. Four local wind companies were on the grant, with TSTC; UpWind being one of those companies. The mobile unit was first used by Altezza and has been to a couple of shows in Austin. "The Texas Workforce Commission is trying to ensure that we have a competent workforce," Bedgood said. "This is one of the tools that they are using."