TSTC to offer cooking classes to the public

Texas State Technical College in Sweetwater recently announced a series of culinary classes for the community.The first class is a Demo class that will take place from 5:30-6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28. The class is only $10 a student with a limit of 30 students. Knife Skills will be taught during this class. Enjoy gourmet coffee and cookies while learning how to properly use a knife. Proper knife skills allow cooks to work much more proficiently, safer and cleaner. "Come learn how this is done from a professional chef," said Coby Baumann, Culinary Instructor at TSTC Sweetwater.Chef Coby will demonstrate how to properly hold a knife, cut vegetables, mince, chop, break down chicken, sharpen a knife and various cutting shapes and sizes.This class is not required for other Continued Education classes but is highly recommended for proper kitchen safety and efficiency.TSTC will be offering a series of classes that will teach you about Mexican and Central American regional cuisine. This series is five classes long. In the classes you will not only learn about the food from the regions, but also about the history and how food is always intertwined with each culture. You can purchase the entire series for $250 or individual classes are $60. Limit 20 students per class.All classes are from 6-8 p.m.The April 4, class will feature classes on how to make Ensalata Nopalitos, Fresh Tortillas and Salsa con Queso, Queso Oaxaco and Quail Tamales, Cobrito de Ancho and Flan.The April 11, class will feature classes on how to make Sopa de Lima, Chili Rellenos, Enchiladas Verde con Pollo, Tomatillo salsa and Arroz con Leche.The April 18, class will feature classes on how to make Queso Flamiado, Enchiladas Guajillo, Pork Tacos and Picalese and Agave Bread Pudding.Those participating in the class on April 25, will learn to make Mango and Halibut Cheviche, Pupusas, Ancho and Cocoa Carne Asada, Guacamole and Yucca Fritters.The May 2 will teach participants how to make Sancocho, Empanadas, Mole Pablo, Snapper Veracruz and Plantain Milkshake.Once this first series of classes are over TSTC will then have a series over American Regional Cuisine, Asian Regional Cuisine and Healthy Cuisine with single based cooking classes in between.