TSTC offering new opportunities this fall

Texas State Technical College West Texas has several new and revamped programs as well as state-of-the-art additions to facilities that will be available this fall. The following is a campus-by-campus list of what’s new.Abilene Campus:Digital Media — The Digital Media program's goal is to inspire and teach a new generation of young media artists to be employable in the print, photography, videography and web design industries. This program will prepare students to produce the quality of media design needed to satisfy the demand of the media industry. It will also equip them with tools to grow as creative thinkers and innovators. The Digital Media program is a fast-paced hybrid conceptual and skill-based program for those students with a passion for art, media and technology. The two-year program consists of five semesters, in which students will gain the know-how required to use 2D and 3D tools for designing, composing and structuring ideas.Sweetwater Campus:Automotive Technology — The addition of the new state-of-the-art hybrid, compressed natural gas and light diesel trainers have revamped this program curriculum. Traditional automotive diagnosis and repair is still a key component, however as more of the population embraces these fuel-saving technologies, it is important that TSTC graduates have all the skills they need to be successful in the workplace. This program offers two exit points, a two-year Associates Degree, or a two-semester certificate.Foodservice Technology — This one-semester program is geared for students looking for employment in the industrial food settings, such as restaurant chains or banquet halls. Graduates will be well versed in industry standards for sanitation and safety, food preparation, equipment and planning as well as cooking for large groups.Energy Management — This online program is the only one of its kind in the area. As companies and government agencies turn their focus to being green, employment options for Energy Management graduates are skyrocketing.Graduates from this program have the skills for inspection, cost-savings planning and retrofitting of HVAC, electrical and structural systems to make facilities green. TSTC offers one, two and three-semester certificates as well as an Associate’sDegree for this program.Breckenridge:Air Conditioning Technology — The TSTC West Texas Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology program is the only curriculum in Texas featuring a state-of-the-art Air Handling/Energy Management training system. This trainer introduces students to the principles and concepts of air handling/energy management while developing an appreciation for the methods used to control air and energy. The lab also includes a state-of-the-art Lab-Volt geothermal heat pump trainer, a product just recently made available to educational institutions. There are one and three-semester certificate options as well as the Associate Degree available for this program.Across all four West Texas Campuses:Non Course Based Options (NCBO) — TSTC has news for students that need help becoming college-ready according to the NCBO as mandated by the state. TSTC has created compressed group sessions and a flexible one-on-one tutoring schedule to meet the needs of students across all four locations.Flexible options — TSTC West Texas consistently offers students more options. This fall TSTC is adding more hands-on and face-to-face instruction into their mix. Their online options remain, however most faculty suggest at least some face-to-face sessions for the most student success. TSTC graduates consistently enter the workforce and make immediate impact in their fields, because TSTC is committed to creating the best environment for student success.