Two ordinances discussed at city meeting

Two ordinances were read and approved during Tuesday's meeting of the Sweetwater City Commission at City Hall.Approval was given toward the first reading of the amended Chapter 18 city ordinance entitled "Miscellaneous Provisions and Offenses," which allows freight and portable storage containers in certain zoning districts. The first passage of the ordinance was earlier this year, but was brought back for consideration after a request was made by the commissioners. While the containers were originally mandated to be painted and secured, complaints were heard by local business owners due to the fact that some of the containers are used on a temporary basis for construction projects. Now, the clarification allows for up to four storage containers per entity in the industrial K, L, and M zones.City Manager Eddie Brown stated that he hoped that this amended ordinance will now stay in place, but added that he felt that, if passed, it would be difficult to enforce. With the clarification and 66 containers already in the area, he now expects a rapid increase of containers as the oil development grows within Sweetwater.The other approval was given to the second reading of an ordinance amending Section 19-171 in the city's Code of Ordinances entitled "Parking of Trailers; Mobile Recreation Equipment on Public Property or Streets" and defining mobile recreation equipment. This ordinance, as stated by Brown, clears up some uncertainty on what particular vehicles and trailers are included in the ordinance. The city's intention is to make the ordinance user-friendly while avoiding overcrowding on public streets. Thus, parking on private property is not affected, and the belief is that this ordinance will be easier to enforce by local law enforcement.