Two students perform in a play for the “Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired”

Reported by Melina Duran

On the thirteenth of May two students, Devin Gutierrez and Matthew Arnold, had the privilege of performing in a musical production for the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, (TSBVI). The musical “Shrek Jr.” was held at TSBVI in Austin. Seven o’clock hit and the crowd filled the auditorium. The room was decorated with paper trees and decorations really set the scene. The curtains opened and a captivated audience sat in silence as Devin Gutierrez as Shrek took the stage and went into song. Devin was not just playing Shrek, he had transformed into the Ogre who was on a mission to save his swamp. The reason he needs to save his swamp is that Lord Farquaad, played by Matthew Arnold, banished the fairy tale creatures from his kingdom out into Shrek’s swamp to clear them from his kingdom. It must be noted that Matthew played all of his parts on his knees in costume to portray Lord Farquaad’s diminished physical stature. Shrek, being the anti-social ogre he was, had to remedy this immediately. Shrek went to the castle and was duped into rescuing the princess in the tower who was guarded by a dragon. Shrek, and his companion Donkey, took to the quest in no time.
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