TxDOT provides wet weather driving tips

With many residents of the Big Country and Heartland shaking the cobwebs out of their umbrellas this week, TxDOT is reminding drivers to stay safe on the road during wet weather. Here are a few safety tips:• Slow down and increase following distance. It takes longer to stop on wet pavement. Don’t follow trucks or buses too closely to avoid spray from their tires. Watch for brake lights ahead.• Never use cruise control on wet pavement. Cruise control applies continuous power to the wheels of a vehicle and can cause loss of control on wet pavement. Instead, manually adjust acceleration to the road conditions and avoid sudden braking.• Turn on headlights, use turn signals. Help other drivers see you.• Replace dull wiper blades, check tire treads. If you haven’t replaced your wiper blades in a year or more, it’s probably time for new ones. Adequate tire tread is important for traction on wet roads.• Turn around, don’t drown. Never try to drive through a flooded road or intersection, and don’t drive around barriers blocking low-water crossings. As little as six inches of water can float some vehicles.  The Texas Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining 80,000 miles of road and for supporting aviation, rail, and public transportation across the state. TxDOT and its 11,000 employees are committed to working with others to provide safe and reliable transportation solutions for Texas by maintaining a safe system, addressing congestion, connecting Texas communities and being a Best in Class state agency. Find out more at www.txdot.gov.