U Squad Brings Anti-Bullying Awareness to Sweetwater Middle School


The U Squad of Sweetwater held its first meeting at the Sweetwater Middle School Gym on Saturday at noon. Many school clubs meet after hours but this club is different. This Squad stands for an ideal. It is a youth group with a message.
“The purpose of the squad is to promote an anti-bullying message though dancing.” Coach and Sweetwater President Lisa Jaramillo said.
The U Squad were being prepped by their coach and founder, Mo Mosley and broke out in a group dance and then had everyone enter into circle formation and, one at a time, dance within the circle in a show of support. No bullies are allowed and only positive affirmations will be heard.
What is bullying?
Bullying is defined as persistent, unjustified behavior by an individual or group. The individual or group behaves in such a manner as to infringe upon the lights or an individual or individuals and intends to cause lasting physical or physiological harm upon their victims.
This can one in the form of name-calling, put downs or negative comparisons, spreading rumors, exclusion on purpose, disrespect, physical violence or threats to harm another. Cyber-Buoying is just the act of taking this wrong behavior online and harassing or intimidating a person whether through phone, social media of any kind.
What can students learn from the U Squad?
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