United Way Agency Spotlight -Boy Scouts Of America Texas Trails Council

Staff Writer

Scout units from Cubs through Explorers in Nolan County provide boys ages 7-19 character building, citizenship training, and physical and mental fitness. Martin Baker, the Sweetwater Boy scouts sponsor, gave a synopsis of the 2017 Sweetwater Boy Scouts’ activities.
In 2017 they participated in 10 weekend camping trips in the region. One of those trips was an adventure to Carlsbad caverns. They also participated in summer camp were the kids spent a week camping in tents, and working on different activities of their choice.The troops also spent a day cleaning up the WWI memorial park (510 oak), and many other service projects around the community.
In 2018 the scouts are planning on taking the kids on more camping adventures in the woods.
“On these weekend camping trips we teach leadership and skills by allowing our youth to setup their own campsites, cook and eat their own food (as a group), food that they sat down and planned as a group and one of the boys purchased. Each campout is unique and we have a adventure planned for each outing to add to the lure to the outdoors such as boating, fishing, hiking, and cave tours” says Baker.
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