Update given on jail construction

The afternoon session of the Nolan County Commissioners’ meeting on Monday included an update from Turner Construction on the courthouse, jail and sheriff’s offices.Notably, work on the courthouse continues as insulation continues to be installed. Work has begun on the northwest side and will continue into the next two weeks.Some work has been done on the masonry and will continue into the next two weeks as installation will take place on the east side. Drywall is also being worked on the east side of the building.The bronze sample for the overhead door was submitted and approved, which will take four weeks to come onsite and will be installed prior to the stone. However, the commissioners noted that they had never seen the sample.The wet and wintry weather has made a slight impact on the work currently. The process for stone installation was discussed as well, but with the weather and the Thanksgiving holiday, workers will be back on site Monday, December 2. Among the 16 workers will be masons, carpenters and helpers. However, the company is making preparations for similar weather situations in the future. As for progress on the jail and sheriff’s office, the company is planning to have a job site orientation in the near future so that escorts will not be necessary. At this time, visitors must sign in to visit the site.The payment for dirt work was received today, but the company was asked to clarify the payment process for the other businesses involved. Over the past two weeks, various submittals have been received, with a list of submittals read to the commissioners.A couple change proposal requests were noted as well, but will both be brought to the commissioners following approval from the company.Sheriff David Warren asked whether the submittals were part of the reason as to why work has been held up, due to the fact that he and other officials want to be able to give constituents a clear answer as to the progress of the construction. It was noted that submittals will be discussed for the next several months, in which priority will be given based on timing and immediate need.County Judge Tim Fambrough asked how the weather affected the work at the jail and sheriff’s office site. While its impact is minimal, concrete can only be poured in appropriate weather conditions--not during freezing temperatures, and planning will have to take place in regards to masonry work.Also during the meeting, approval was given toward requesting Engineer Air Balance to submit a proposal for required services with regard to the new jail and sheriff’s office facility.