Update given on Nolan County Courthouse facade

The Nolan County Commissioners were given a report on the courthouse façade during the afternoon portion of Monday’s meeting by Turner Construction.On the north side of the building, the scaffolding has been erected. The entrance on the north side will be accessible to everyone until the west side stairs are completed.The third floor C channel modifications will take about three weeks to complete, as welding was slated to begin on Wednesday, July 24. On Monday, July 15, the CMU to strip clips were released for fabrication, which are expected to arrive onsite during the first week of August.While there will be a shut down to the sprinkler system for FDC modifications starting on Thursday, July 25, the system will be able to remain operational. Regarding other site work, the design of the stair reinforcement was received prior to Monday afternoon’s meeting from the architect/engineer for the west stairs on the sheriff and street level.For the masonry, a visit was made to the manufacturer on July 10 to select a color, as the grey color was to be deleted from the stone. Following the visit, the stone selection was deemed acceptable. Due to the fact that costs were discussed during last week’s update, no further discussion took place. It was noted, however, that any future costs would be addressed as necessary.In addition, the county seal / lettering attachment on the aluminum composite panels were due on Tuesday, July 23. The seal is about 6 feet in diameter, but it was determined that the aluminum cannot hold the weight of the seal.Looking ahead, a date for the cornerstone ceremony has been potentially slated for early November. However, the overall time frame for the project to be completed has been pushed back for sometime in December.Discussion was then held on the work taking place on the third floor, as Precinct 4 Commissioner Tony Lara expressed concern about how long any workers would have to be out of their office during the work. The welding aspect of the project would take about one day, with the next step taking no more than two days. And, by spacing out the inspections, workers can efficiently move in and out of each space.