UPDATE: Investigators Keeping Quiet About Evidence Found with Remains in Big Spring

Update:Investigators are not saying if there were any clothes found at the scene where human remains were discovered Tuesday afternoon in Big Spring.They are also still unable to determine the gender of the person whose remains were found near the McMahon-Wrinkle Airport, just two miles away from Shawn Adkins' mother's house.Investigators did say that the remains were located in a dirt and grass area where workers do not go frequently, although they did not say if the remains were in a bag, or what they were found with."Right now I'm not going to speculate on who it is, we have no idea. We don't have any evidence of male, female or anything at this point in time, so there's no sense in even going there," Sgt. Tony Everett of the Big Spring Police Department.When asked if there were any clothes found with the remains, Sgt. Everett replied, "I'm not going to get into any evidence right now."Sgt. Everett was also asked if he could describe the size of the remains, to which he simply answered, "No."The remains have now been sent to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's office for an autopsy, and there is still no confirmation that they were linked to Hailey Dunn, although they were discovered a short distance from the lone suspect's mother's house.Shawn Adkins' parents have refused to speak about the discovery. Federal investigators, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers and other law enforcement agencies were at the scene trying to determine where the remains came from. Update:The crime scene in Big Spring has been cleared and the remains have been removed.They will now be taken to Tarrant County for examination.There is currently no word on how long the process will take.Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn have reportedly returned to the Colorado City area.According to the Nancy Grace blog on CNN.com, Shawn Adkins' attorney told Headline News that he and Billie Dunn went back to the Colorado City area after learning about the remains discovered at McMahon-Wrinkle Airport Tuesday afternoon.The suspect's attorney, Alex Eyssen also said that law enforcement officials have not been in contact with Adkins or Billie Dunn.