UPDATED: 18-wheeler wreck causes fire on newly rebuilt bridge

Traffic along Interstate 20 was backed up in Nolan County Friday afternoon after an 18-wheeler wrecked and caught fire at the newly rebuilt US 84/I-20 bride between Sweetwater and Roscoe, directly over the top of west bound traffic. The driver was hauling groceries from Amarillo. The bridge was recently completed after months of work after another 18-wheeler wreck caused major damage to the bridge last year, requiring the bridge to be rebuilt. Inspectors examined the bridge and indicated that there is damage, but it is surface damage. Structurally, the bridge is sound. They are placing concrete barrier where the rail is missing and placing an asphalt patch where the surface was damaged. TxDOT will come back and do more permanent repairs in the near future. The bridge is now open and a portable message sign is in place to advise drivers to reduce speed to 60 mph. Also, wide loads will be restricted from the bridge until permanent repairs are made.