Updated SISD School Supply List 2013-2014

The supply list for SISD has been updated. Notice that hand sanitizer and wipes have been removed from the list. Please do not send these products to school with your child. Children should be monitored when using products that contain alcohol because it poses a possible health risk to them. In order to provide your child with a safe and healthy learning environment, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in multiple locations on every campus and their use will be monitored by teachers.Kindergarten 1 package of bright colored cardstock2 packages of 9 X12 construction paper (boys)2 packages of 12x18 construction paper (girls)2 boxes of quart size plastic, re-sealable baggies (boys)1 box of gallon size plastic, re-sealable baggies (girls)1 package of large, white, PAPER, non-coated paper plates (boys)1 package of small, white, PAPER, non-coated paper plates (girls)3 boxes of Crayons1 box of 8 count Markers2 Elmer’s Glue bottles2 Elmer’s Glue sticks2 boxes of facial tissue1 package of scissors2- 10 count package of pencils1 large pink eraser1- 1 inch Binder1-1 subject spiral notebook1st Grade 2 bottles Elmer’s school glue 1 pair of sharp 5” Fiskars scissors1 small plastic school box2 boxes 200 count Kleenex tissue2 packs of #2 wooden pencils (no plastic coating)2 pink bevel erasers1 red folder1 green folder1 blue folder with brads2 pkgs 9 X 12 colored construction paper1 pkg 9 X 12 manila paper1 pkg bright colored cardstock3 boxes 24 count Crayola crayons1 backpack (no roller backpacks)BOYS – 1 box of Ziploc baggies 50 count quart sizeGIRLS – 1 box of Ziploc baggies 20 count gallon size2nd Grade 1 Package wide ruled notebook paper – (not college rule)2 Wide ruled, single subject spiral notebooks1 Package 12x18 manila paper1 Package 12x18 construction paper, assorted color 2 Large packs of #2 pencils2 Large erasers1 Pair 5” pointed scissors 2 Boxes 24 count Crayola Crayons2 Large bottles glue1 each color – plain pocket folders with brads-yellow, red, orange, green, purple, blue1 Small plastic school box1 Box kleenex 200 count1 Yellow highlighter1 zipper backpack – no wheelsNo 3 ring binder notebooks3rd Grade 1 Package of wide rule paper-1502 Packs of #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)1 Pair pointed scissors1 Bottle glue-4 oz.1 Large box of tissues-225 count2 Red grading pens NOT pencils1 Crayola crayons 25 count1 Plastic school box - able to fit in desk5 Plain pocket folders with brads (all different colors)4th Grade1 zipper binder1 zipper bag that fits in binder2 packages wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper4 colored folders with pockets and brads2 large packages of #2 pencils1 box of crayons (24 count)1 small box map colors2 large boxes Kleenex5th Grade 1 zipper binder1 zipper bag that fits in binder2 packages wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper1- 1 subject 70 page wide ruled spiral notebook4 colored folders with pockets and brads 2 large packages of #2 pencils1 small box map colors2 large boxes Kleenex6th GradeALL STUDENTS NEED3 ring notebook -trapper keeper Pencil (zipper) bag or boxWide ruled notebook paper Black or blue pens (no other colors)2 large boxes of KleenexBig eraser#2 PencilsMap ColorsRed grading pen1 Package construction paperLEBLEU/MATHPocket folder Red ErasersComposition book Ruler EHLERTPocket folder Blue-6th gradePocket folder Green -7th GradePocket folder Red-8th Grade1 Subject spiral notebook WALKER/SOCIAL STUDIES1 inch 3-ring binderPackage of dividersSpiral notebook (70 pages) CLECKLER/SOCIAL STUDIES/SEEK1 pocket folder2 small 70 page spiral notebooksALLEN6-Glue sticksPERRY/LANGUAGE ARTS1 – 3 or 4 subject spiral notebook1 – 2 inch 3 ring binderHighlightersTUCKER/SCIENCE1 – Green pocket folder1 - 70 page spiral notebook6 - Glue sticks