Updates given on courthouse construction

In the afternoon session of the county commissioner's meeting held on Monday, Turner construction gave updates on both the courthouse facade construction and the new jail and sheriff's office. To date, there have been no safety incidents at the courthouse. In the last two weeks, unistrut has been installed on the northeast side of the courthouse and is nearing completion. The northeast stairwell is almost finished as well. Unistrut on the northwest side of the building is to be installed within the next two weeks. Upon completion, workers will move on to the west wall. Insulation is currently being installed on the southwest side of the courthouse. Both insulation and water proofing is scheduled to be completed within the next two weeks. The installation of wainscot has progressed over the past two weeks, with the north and east sides being completed. The northwest side will be finished within the next two weeks. Window frames for the courthouse are currently being fabricated and will be delivered soon. A curtain wall system is also being fabricated and will be installed upon delivery. Masonry repairs on the east bump out caused small delays. After installation, a number of tiles did not set evenly and needed to be adjusted. A number of CMUs also need to be repaired. Also, the cornerstone appears to be slightly too big. One option Turner discussed with the commissioners is to have the stone cut down to size.No safety incidents have occurred at the new jail site. The underground conduit and communication conduits have been installed, as well as the concrete piers. Within the next two weeks, construction will continue on the storm drain and plumbing. Submittals have been sent in for review for HVAC, electrical, plumbing and structural steel for the new facility. Gas line extensions have also been reviewed. The county will be coordinating with the city on water and sewer lines.At the close of the meeting, road reports were received from each precinct. The commissioners then made a motion to table the consideration of a County Energy Transportation Reinvestment Zone Advisory Board until the next meeting. The motion was approved and the meeting was adjourned.