Updates given on SISD maintenance projects

Some facilities within Sweetwater ISD (Independent School District) have undergone renovations, as noted in the Superintendent's Report during the Monday night meeting of the SISD Board of Trustees.Sweetwater ISD Superintendent Terry Pittman offered a visual presentation to board members of the recent changes seen around the district. The softball field now has a new press box, which will offer a new place for score keepers and media to be stationed.The high school fieldhouse recently had new turf installed, with drop-down nets to be installed in the immediate future. The nets will be used for practice in softball, baseball and golf, making the facility a multi-purpose space. The outside walls of the fieldhouse were also repainted with a new coat of trim added as well.In addition, the tennis courts at Sweetwater Middle School have been completely reconditioned, as a tournament was held this past weekend. While the trees were trimmed near the courts, the timers on the lights will be repaired and wind screens will be installed soon.The district is already looking ahead to their summertime projects, as Pittman stated that they are looking at upgrading the fence and ticket booth on the west side of the Mustang Bowl in an effort to mimic the front entry to the stadium.Also, after over 20 years, the band hall and choir room at Sweetwater High School will be replaced. The 5th grade hall at Sweetwater Intermediate School will get new carpet as well, as the current carpet is from the original installation.And while in its early stages, the district is looking at getting a new scoreboard at the Mustang Bowl. Various options have being considered, but the project is currently on hold to determine its direction.The Superintendent's Report also offered an update on the enrollment within Sweetwater schools, as 106 students have been added to the district since the first day of classes. However, the current total notes a decrease of 45 students from this time last year at SISD.Even so, students in first grade and under make up the largest numbers within the district. Preparations are already taking place to prepare for growth in the next school year at the respective campuses.An update was also given from the Wallace Accelerated High School, as five completers from SISD were reported. More students are expected to become completers by the end of the semester, including Sweetwater students.A report on tax collections were given, with the M&O (Maintenance and Operation) standing at 85.59% and the I&S (Interest and Sinking) standing at 86.31%. At this time last year, the collections were at 84.12% and 78.04%, respectively.Furthermore, the March board meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 21 to allow for ample time to prepare for the meeting following the Spring Break holiday. Additionally, the board will once again take part in the Summer Leadership Institute this summer in San Antonio, which has been moved up a week earlier to June 5-8, 2013.