USG sponsoring Winter Olympic athletes

Everyone wants to win. Whether it's to attain victory, maintain a winning streak or to overcome the odds, the goal is to succeed. Especially in business.The local Sheetrock company United States Gypsum, or USG, has a plan to win. And according to Jeff Grimland, the new plant manager at USG in Sweetwater, one way the company wants to implement the plan is through a new brand logo and tagline. The new logo boasts two building blocks that represent who they are. The red block exudes confidence, while the gray block stands for humility. Grimland explained that brand logos are the face of the company, but also demonstrate loyalty and relationships to customers, employees and the community. USG listens to their customers and works to provide solutions, such as the creation of their Ultralight product. And their new tagline brings their customers and clients to the forefront. "It’s Your World. Build It.™" allows for the industry leader to offer their products so that they can be used to transform ideas into tangible results.In addition, the seven core values of USG help strengthen the company: safety, quality, service, efficiency, innovation, integrity and diversity. By bringing different people together for varied solutions (diversity), their dedicated workers can take pride in doing what is right (integrity).And by updating the company through a new logo and tagline, USG is implementing innovation. However, they are also using another campaign to showcase their rebranding.Thousands across the globe have their eyes on the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. To take part in this year's event, USG is sponsoring Olympic and Paralympic athletes from Team USA and Team Canada.The company hopes this activity will serve as motivation to employees to achieve greater things. The seven athletes were selected by the company not only based on their ties to the building industry, but more importantly to how they have demonstrated perseverance in their own lives--which mirrors how the company has pressed on during economic hardship.One particular athlete is Alana Nichols, who suffered a snowboarding injury at 16 years old which left her paralyzed. Through determination and perseverance, Nichols went on to become a two-time USA gold medalist, competing in wheelchair basketball and alpine skiing. Another Paralympic athlete is Rico Roman, a USA men's sled hockey competitor who is a San Antonio native. Roman served nine years in the military, in which he sustained a leg injury from a roadside bomb and eventually had his leg amputated.While the Paralympics are held after the Sochi games, other USA Olympic athletes include men's nordic combined participant Billy Demong and men's snowboard crosser Seth Wescott.USG also sponsors USA women's hockey players and twins Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux, who are hoping to go for the gold after winning the silver at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The company also supports two Canadian Olympic hockey players, Duncan Keith in the men's competition and Tessa Bonhomme in the women's field.Bob Williams, the senior director of corporate communications for USG, explained that the United States and Canadian Olympic teams are among a very small number of competing teams that don't receive governmental support, but must rely on companies and individuals. Thus, the company wants to go beyond the products and profits and be a good corporate citizen wherever they are. Not only do they want to shine a light on the company, USG wants people to learn from the Olympics that a diverse group of people can come together. Locally, Grimland hopes the overall campaign of sponsorship and the new brand and tagline will promote their core values, loyalty and encourage others.Additionally, he wants Sweetwater to have something to identify USG with so that people will know what the company does and who they are. This new brand is the third in almost 100 years, as the original brand from the 1920s was changed around 30 years ago.The local plant began construction in 1923, and operations started the next year. Over 200 employees work at USG in Sweetwater, and the company is currently hiring. By visiting the revamped website,, visitors can scroll to the bottom of the page, select "Careers" and search for the Sweetwater plant.