Various projects taking place within SISD

Sweetwater ISD (Independent School District) Superintendent Terry Pittman gave an update on the facilities within the district during his monthly report at Monday night's meeting of the Board of Trustees.Photos were shown to the board of the various projects, such as the new concession stand at Sweetwater Middle School and the bus barn. The latter facility will see further work, as the plan is to cover the fuel station and all of the busses.At this time, the renovations at the softball field are underway. Work will be done on the bleachers, a new scoreboard will be installed, and a plan is in place to tear down the old shed.In addition, some drainage issues at the baseball park are being resolved. The rain gutters at the Administration building were recently painted, and Sweetwater Middle School will also have the same paint work done in the future. And while in the early stages, some future plans were also discussed. A proposed design for new band uniforms was shown, as the current band uniforms are in their twelfth year of use.Also, a photo was presented of fold-down seats that could possibly be installed at the Mustang Bowl. The seats would more than likely be installed in sections D, E and F.The report also included an update on work done to prepare for the audit report, which will be presented at the regular December meeting. The extensive work which took place to prepare for the report indicated that the district had a good fiscal year overall.And since the new fiscal year just began, tax collections were reported at $90,789 (1.19%) for the M&O (maintenance and operations) and $11,688 (1.29%) for the I&S (interest and sinking). The district was also noted as being 100% "highly qualified" in all areas in the respective report.Furthermore, one reassignment was reported in paraprofessional personnel. The enrollment report was also given, which cited an increase in 98 students from the first day of classes, totaling 2,148 students in the district as of November 12.