Volleyball camp held at SMS

A volleyball camp for students who have completed grades 3-8 was held this past week. A total of 31 girls attended the camp at the Sweetwater Middle School gym. Pictured in no particular order are Kimmy Martinez, Madison Sosa, Isabel Ortega, Alyson Moore, Rachael Sparks, Kierstyn Thompson, Mia Valdez, Alycia Gibson, Zoee Jeffrey, Elli Lehnert, Miranda Sloan, Marissa Villanueva, Avery Allen, Nikki Gutierrez, Alexis Heiskell, Amber Knox, Kara Lehnert, Madison Mims, Hannah Mobley, Elizabeth Palacios, Alyssa Ramirez, Kenley Reed, Julia Rees, Charity Thompson, Kaci Webb, Latimer Burnett, Kaprice Capeda, Sierra Martinez, Alex Perez, Jessica Poe and Alyssa Ramirez. Receiving awards were the following: Card Passing winners — Rachael Sparks, Zoee Jeffrey; Self passing game — Jessica Poe, Kara Lehnert, Elli Lehnert, Mia Valdez; I Can Change — Sierra Martinez; Duck Tape winners — Mia Valdez, Kimmy Martinez, Madison Mims; Crazy Makeup — Mia Valdez, Rachael Sparks; Top servers — Kara Lehnert, Hannah Mobley; Most coachable — Kenley Reed; Hustle Awards — Julia Rees, Isabel Ortega; Most Improved — Jessica Poe; Quiet Hands Awards — Jessica Poe, Latimer Burnett, Elli Lehnert, Zoee Jeffrey, Kaci Webb, Amber Knox; Passing to Target winners — Hannah Mobley, Marissa Villanueva.