Voting precincts being consolidated

Due to the recent redistricting process, Nolan County has once again been put into US District 19 instead of being split between Districts 19 and 11. The voter registrar's office is in the process of consolidating voting precincts 10 through 14 back into their original precincts before the 2009 redistricting. This is to inform Nolan County voters that live in an of these precincts that you will be getting a corrected voter registration card and you should destroy the old one. The process of changing the US District number has already been completed so all that should change is the "Prec. No" which is in the box beside "Year of Birth" on the voter registration card. If you feel that there is an error on the new card please feel free to call the voter registrar's office at the telephone number listed at the top of the card. Please call before Election time so that corrections can be made and new cards issued.Check your new card to see if you have the correct PC #OLD NEWPct. 10 Pct. 1Pct. 11 Pct. 3Pct. 12 Pct. 4Pct. 13 Pct. 6Pct. 14 Pct. 9