Voting precincts, insurance discussed at county meeting

Two issues regarding voting were approved by the Nolan County Commissioners during their meeting held on Tuesday morning, May 29, 2012 at the Nolan County Courthouse.Approval was given toward the elimination of five voting precincts for the county. On March 16 of this year, with the county moving into one district following the state's redistricting process, precincts 10 through 14 were removed. Following submission to the U.S. Department of Justice — Civil Rights Division, a response on May 15 noted that the department was not opposed to the change, prompting the approval from the commissioners. They will also have to request for the change to appear on the voting maps as well.In addition, the commissioners approved a temporary move of Precinct 6 in the event of a July 31 run-off election. As the original voting area — the Roscoe Community Center — is already booked on that date, voters will head to the Roscoe ISD cafetorium, which is located at 1201 W. 7th, for this one-time change.Also discussed was the county's proposed issuance of certificates of obligation, including the maximum term of the obligations. At a past workshop, the commissioners looked at three payment options, and in order for preliminary work to begin a decision on the payment must be made. Thus, the commissioners set and approved a 15 year payment for the certificates of obligation.A brief review on the county investment policy was made by the county's treasurer, Gayle Biggerstaff. With no changes reported, the commissioners approved the policy.Another presentation was heard from Rooster Rainbolt from National Family Care (NFC) Insurance company to discuss a cafeteria plan — where employees can choose from an assortment of insurance choices — for the county. Currently, the county administers and is responsible for their own insurance plan.Should the county join with NFC, the company would accept all responsibilities. In the event of an audit, company representatives would meet with the IRS.Three types of plans were briefly presented, along with a timeline for Nolan County to join in order to keep the county from liability issues. While no action was taken, the commissioners were presented with information with a possibility of a workshop for further discussion.More approval was given to award the sole bid recently received from Vulcan Materials for Grade 3 rock, which will be used for the seal coating project in Nolan County precincts. The commissioners also approved to leave the burn ban off in the county.Furthermore, the minutes of the May 14 and May 16 meeting were approved, along with the received reports from the Nolan County Sheriff's Office and the Government Trapper.One issue, however, was tabled from the meeting — the approval of setting the speed limit on Southern Heights Road to 30 miles per hour — in order to give residents an opportunity to speak on the matter.Additionally, an item on the agenda was removed. At the May 14 meeting, Loren Bryant asked for the reading of his letter regarding the location of the new jail to be tabled to the May 29 meeting. Bryant was not in attendance at the meeting, which led to the commissioners approving the item's removal from the agenda.However, resident Stephen Smith was at the meeting to refute the information that recently appeared as a paid advertisement in the Sweetwater Reporter petitioning for a bond election on the new jail. Though Smith hoped to ask about the other alternatives for housing inmates, he told the commissioners that several people in the community did support the construction of the jail.